Question: Do you ship worldwide?

Answer: Yes, we ship globally except for Cuba and select parts of Africa.

Question: How do I place an order?

Answer: To order, select your item, click "ADD TO CART," proceed to checkout, and fill in your details.

Question: Can I trust this website?

Answer: Absolutely! Your shopping experience is safeguarded with 256-bit encryption. We only store essential details for shipping and communication, ensuring your information remains confidential.

Question: What payment methods are accepted?

Answer: We accept international credit/debit cards and PayPal.

Question: Is my payment secure?

Answer: Yes, 100% secure. Your information is solely used to complete orders or respond to inquiries.

Question: How long does shipping take?

Answer: Shipping durations vary:

  • USA: 2 - 3 weeks (in most cases faster)
  • Canada/UK/Australia: 2 - 4 weeks (in most cases faster)
  • Rest of World: 3 - 7 weeks (in most cases faster, except Brazil and Italy)

Question: How are multiple-item orders delivered?

Answer: We expedite orders by shipping items from different centers to ensure swift delivery.

Question: Where are items shipped from?

Answer: Items are shipped from various global suppliers to expedite delivery.

Question: Can I change a wrong shipping address or item size/variant?

Answer: Contact us immediately. We'll do our best, but once an order is shipped, changes might not be possible.

Question: What if my item doesn't arrive?

Answer: We guarantee delivery. Contact us at support@ideall.store if your item doesn't arrive within the specified window.

Question: What if I want a refund?

Answer: We stand by our products' quality. If you're unsatisfied or receive a damaged product, refer to our Refund Policy for assistance.

Note: Shipping times may vary during peak periods or due to external factors. Refer to our policies for detailed information.

For more info, check our policies: